What Causes Pain in the Spine?

The causes of spinal pain can be broken into three main categories: physical, mental, and chemical.

1. Physical Trauma

Simple examples of these kinds of external forces would be slips and falls, car accidents, sports injuries,  and learning how to walk, and even being born (consider the use of forceps, vacuum extraction, and other forceful means of delivery). Other causes of physical trauma can include daily/routine activities such as sleeping the wrong way, a mailman who carries his pouch on the same shoulder every day. It's easy to understand physical traumas when considering jolts to the spin and the rest of the body.

2. Emotional Imbalance

There may not be a time in history that we are bombarded by stress and emotional upheaval as we are today in this modern world. Deadlines, jobs, bills, credit cards, and keeping up with the Jones. Marriage, kids, divorce, and mortgages—the list can go on. The stress response int eh body is just beginning to be understood as a provable science first introduced by Hans Selye in the 1930s. We are now recognizing the complex intertwining of our biology and emotions, the endless ways in which our personalities, feelings, and thoughts reflect and influence the events in our bodies. Emotional stress can and does make us sick. Are you stressed out?

3. Chemical Insults

Smoking, excessive drinking, drugs, caffeine, sugar, salt, and food coloring dye #4 all have an intimate relationship to producing sickness within the body. They overwhelm the body's ability to properly adapt to the external invasive chemical insults.

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