Let's Start With a Definition

“Chiropractic is that clinical science based upon a law of biology that born inside living things is an ability to be healthy."

-Virgil Strang D.C., past President and Dean of Philosophy of Palmer College of Chiropractic. 

Chiropractic clinical science hypothesizes, that there is an association between that system and health in the body.  Chiropractic originally conjectured by its founder as the science that was going to investigate how the frame work could interfere with the integrity of the nervous system and its ability to control and coordinate all other structures and organs.

With this sufficient and inclusive definition in hand, we see that chiropractic is not represented nor defined as a cure or treatment of any disease or ailment. Rather, it's a systematic scientific approach in the body’s ability to relate to its environment.

Chiropractic is the profession in which human potential, state of well-being, and the ability for the person to relate best to his/her environment is the approach of choice. No person is better off in his/her  physical or emotional capacities with the presence of spinal misalignments also known as vertebral subluxation. Chiropractors correct these subluxations.